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Company History

Arabian Cement Company (ACC) is a Saudi joint-stock company established in accordance with the companies’ system in Saudi Arabia by Royal Decree No. 731 dated 12 Jumada al-Awwal 1374 AH, 5th January 1955 AD. ACC is the first cement company in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the entire Arabian Gulf, operating under Commercial Registration No. 4030000148 issued in the city of Jeddah on 14 Ramadan 1376 AH, April 13, 1957 AD. The main company address is the Arabian Cement Company Building, King Abdulaziz Road, PO. Box 275 Jeddah 21411, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The activity of the Arabian Cement Company and its subsidiaries is the production and trade of cement, building materials, related accessories and derivatives, and in order to achieve this purpose it may conclude all types of contracts in real estate and movables as well as any type of other agreements within the limits determined by the applicable regulations.

Vision & Mission 

To be the leading integrated Saudi company in the cement industry in the MENA region
Cement production and marketing
 Achieving sustainable growth and profit

Our Policy 

Arabian Cement Company “ACC” is committed to establish and maintain high standards in health, safety, security, and environment “HSSE”. ACC is also committed to provide Cement products with outstanding quality, consistent with customer requirements and regulatory standards while carrying out the environmental responsibility in a manner that demonstrates true leadership.

We in Arabian Cement Company, with integrity, shall:


Establish and maintain safe work place and conduct operations at minimal risk with a high confidence in our operation integrity promoting safe work practices which will reduce the potential risks to all our employees, contractors, assets, adjacent neighbours and environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Maintain environmental friendly operations and work proactively to prevent or minimize the pollution in all areas attributed to our operations, wherever feasible.


Implement and maintain the requirements of the international standards, including quality ISO9001 and environment ISO 14001 systems.

Professional Training

Provide a suitable and sufficient training to all our staff and others such that we have technical competent workforce and healthy culture.

Consulting with Employees

Consult with our employees and others with regards to health, safety, security, environment, quality, energy saving and reliability. Recognize those within the company who contribute towards improving the overall performance.

Conserving the Natural Resources

Conserve the inherent natural resources and improve the protection of these by reducing the waste generation and contamination of air, water and land. Ensure any waste expelled to environment is sufficiently safe.

Respecting the Law

Conduct all our business activities in compliance with all applicable legislations and local applicable regulatory requirements, and applicable standards.

Minimizing the Risks

Design, construct, install and maintain the facilities and operations in a way to minimize risks and save energy

Non-stop Improvements

Continue to seek continuous improvement and make sustainable development of the company and to improve our health, safety, security, environmental, quality, and reliability performance.

This policy forms an integral part to set our company objectives and targets. The policy shall be conveyed to all staff, consultants, and contractors and grant access to regulatory agencies, public, or other interested parties, including neighbours.

Company Structure

Subsidiary (Affiliates) and Sister Companies

Qatrana Cement Company (QCC)

In order to achieve the ambitious strategic directions and within the framework of the geographical expansion of the Arab Cement Company, the company’s management has chosen to establish a cement factory in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, believing in its investment-attracting environment, along with its promising market potentials, where the growing need for basic cement material for the construction sector in light of the increasing urban movement, and large government projects accompanying the comprehensive economic renaissance currently witnessed by Jordan.

The Qatranah Cement Company was established, with an investment amounting to 400 million dollars in the Qatraneh area in Karak Governorate, and the site was chosen 90 km south of Amman.

It is a deliberate choice in terms of its location and its distance from population density, in addition to the availability of limestone in this region, which is the main material in the cement industry.

The Qatrana Cement Company hires the great expertise of the Arab Cement Company in the production of cement to serve the Jordanian market where the best modern technologies are used in the cement industry, and accordingly contracted with the German KHD Company to supply the special equipment for the factory. KHD is considered one of the oldest companies specialized in building Cement factories, with more than 150 years of experience in this industry. Furthermore, the Qatraneh factory was supplied with electrical energy through an exclusive power plant with a capacity of 49 megawatts, containing 7 diesel generators made by the Finnish company Wärtsla, with a production capacity up to 5000A ton of clinker per day. Since one of the most important distinct goals set for the Qatraneh Cement Project is the active contribution to the economic development of Jordan, a contract has been signed with the Jordanian Central Contracting Company to complete all construction and civil works, due to the company’s wide and distinguished experience in this field. The company is keen on providing a healthy environment for employees and citizens, by investing and contributing to projects of pollution control stations and dust emission. The company attaches special importance to preserving the environment in line with the strategies set for the company, and uses the latest technologies and filters in the cement industry.

The company is usually keen on developing the areas surrounding its factories by providing various social programs, whether educational or recreational or any other social programs, according to the needs of the local community.

As for administrative systems and production management, the company uses the latest computer technology and information systems in line with the requirements of the modern industry to reduce the cost of production and increase the productivity of workers and administrators through the job benefits provided by the company, along with investing in training and skills development for workers.

The factory provides direct new job opportunities contributing in the process of social and economic development that will support the national economy as well as providing cement for Jordanian market with highly competitive prices.

(RMCC) | Kingdom Concrete 

Kingdom Concrete is proud of being based on solid foundations that have enabled them to steadily grow and prosper throughout fifteen years, growing in parallel with the development of modern Jordan. Indeed, as a leading supplier of ready-mix concrete to Jordan’s construction industry, they have contributed in the development of Jordan by efficiently providing the high-quality raw materials  for infrastructure projects and real estate.

Kingdom Concrete is proud to have contributed to structures that have genuinely helped elevate the Jordanian society, including the Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Hospital for Children in Amman, the pioneering Yarmouk University, the Hyatt Amman Hotel, the Sheraton Hotel, and some of the major bridges in Jordan, and a number of much-needed housing and transportation projects.

Kingdom Concrete’s products continue to underpin construction projects the length and breadth of Jordan, major infrastructure works at the University of Science and Technology and Yarmouk University in the far north, to the prominent Tala Bay Resort at the country’s southern-most tip.

Kingdom Concrete has also been poured at Jordan’s highest and lowest points, with nearly 2,000 metres separating the top of the landmark Jordan Gate towers in Amman along with the foundations of Marriott hotel, which is considered one of the finest and most luxurious hotels on the banks of the Dead Sea.

Cement Products Industry Co. LTD.  (CPI)

Al-Yamamah Cement Company, and Saudi Cement Company, share the company’s ownership and representation on the Board of Directors equally. The company owns two factories to produce the bags used for packing bulk cement, and bags for packing petrochemical products such as fertilizers. The first factory is located in Jeddah and the second in Riyadh. 

The cement products industry Co. LTD. is equipped with the latest German technology for production equipment in the field of packing bags industry, which in turn enables this equipment to produce many varieties of paper bags for packing. This equipment has the ability to produce paper for multiple uses in industrial packaging of any kind of materials such as building materials, fertilizers, foodstuffs, animal feed, flour, chemical and petrochemical products, agricultural products and other products. 

This equipment currently in the factory has an annual production capacity of 120 million bags which can be increased at any time.

The cement products industry Co. LTD. enjoys an honorable reputation in The Middle East, due to the high quality of its products and a reliable delivery system and a very effective after sales system.

The following table shows the ownership of “Arabian Cement” in its subsidiaries and affiliates

Statement Arabian Cement Cement Products Industry Co. Kingdom Concrete Qatrana Cement Company Arabian Cement (Bahrain)
Location Jeddah Jeddah Jordan Jordan Jeddah
Specialization Cement Production Holding Company Cement Production Ready-mix Concrete Cement Bags Production
Ownership Percentage 100% 100% 86.74% 36.67% 33.33%
Founded in 1955 2007 2007 1995 1984

Board of Directors

HE Eng. Abdullah Mohammed Nour Rehaimi

HE Eng. Abdullah Mohammed Nour Rehaimi

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Saud Abulaziz Al Suliman

Mr. Saud Abulaziz Al Suliman

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Turki Abdullah Al Rajhi

Mr. Turki Abdullah Al Rajhi

Board Member
Mr. Yousef Saleh Abalkhail

Mr. Yousef Saleh Abalkhail

Board Member
Eng. Mutaz Kusai Al Azzawi

Eng. Mutaz Kusai Al Azzawi

Board Member
Eng. Alwaleed Abdulrazzaq Al Dryaan

Eng. Alwaleed Abdulrazzaq Al Dryaan

Board Member
Mr. Fahad Abdullah Al Issa

Mr. Fahad Abdullah Al Issa

Board Member
Eng. Mohammed Hamed Alklaiby

Eng. Mohammed Hamed Alklaiby

Board Member
Mr. Abdullatif Ali AlSaif

Mr. Abdullatif Ali AlSaif

Board Member

Executive Management

Dr. Badr Osama Johar

Dr. Badr Osama Johar

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wail Ibrahim Aljabhan

Acting Chief Financial Officer

Eng. Waleed Atef Obaidat

Acting Chief Operation Officer

Eng. Waleed Atef Obaidat

Executive Plant Director

Eng. Essam Mohammed Saleh

Sales & Business Development Manager

Eng. Bandar Ezzi Eslam

Supply Chain Manager

Ms. Abrar Fawzi Baeshen

Human Resources Manager

Mr. Khalid Ahmad Kadasah

Joint Services Manager

Dr. Mohammed Lutfi Abdulfattah

Legal Advisor (Corporate Governance & Compliance)

A Word from the CEO

A step towards sustainable development to achieve the vision of 2030

We thank you for visiting our website and we appreciate your interest in our services.

Under the guidance of the shrine of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (may God protect him), and the follow-up of his Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (may God protect him), the vision of 2030 AD was launched with the National Transformation Program 2020 AD to mark the beginning of a new stage in the path of the Kingdom.

The vision aims to build a strong economy based on solid foundations, away from traditional sources of income, so that the focus is on revitalizing various other economic sectors. The launch of the Vision 2030 is to enhance the opportunities granted to the private sector, in order to start a new type of business, and expand more in Investment sectors.

Through the vision of 2030 , the Kingdom is looking forward to increasing the domestic product from the non-oil sectors to reach their highest levels, and on top of them is the construction and building sector, which official statistics have proven to be one of the largest non-oil sectors Contributing to the Kingdom’s GDP. As the largest cement company in the Kingdom, “Arabian Cement” is one of the most important key partners in achieving the Kingdom’s 2030 vision in the industrial sector, and upgrading this sector in accordance with the highest standards followed.

The financial and economic factors and indicators that had and still have the greatest impact on the economic situation of the Kingdom can be listed as:

  • The performance of the Kingdom’s public budget reflects the continuous improvement in the performance of the public finance, which in return reflects the efforts made to implement economic reform plans and programs aimed at diversifying sources of income and economy as well as achieving financial sustainability, which embodies the harmony of policies and supporting procedures of stimulating the Kingdom’s macroeconomic to achieve the objectives of the financial economic balance program.
  • Commitment to implement economic reforms will help reach financial goals and promote non-oil growth. The Kingdom aims through this to reach fiscal balance by 2023 instead of 2020, in order to maintain financial liquidity and good economic activity rates in all sectors. It is expected that the budget deficit will decrease Saudi Arabia to 4.6% this year 2018 AD, and 1.7% in 2019 AD, which confirms that the strong actual start of the reform plan witnessed this year by imposing a 5% value-added tax on goods and services, and imposing fees on expatriate workers, while reducing support directed for fuel and electricity. Amid expectations that these steps and procedures will lead to an increase in non-oil revenues this year 2018, to approximately 285 billion riyals, which reduces pressure on oil.

Faced with these accelerating economic changes, the company management was keen to keep abreast of these events, so it laid down plans and strategic programs to advance the company’s capabilities according to the restructuring of the industry in the Kingdom, with the impact of several economic factors for a more balanced oil market. In addition to what was confirmed by the data from the Ministry of Trade and Investment, that companies and institutions in the private sector achieved a 5.6% growth in profits, including the expectations of an improvement in the construction and building market.

Besides specialized reports and studies expected that the cement market will witness a partial improvement during the coming period, despite the decrease in demand and the increase in stock of cement. It is only a corrective situation in light of the economic changes taking place in the market, along with the initiatives and projects put forward by governmental agencies, since this decline will not negatively affect investments in the construction and building sector.

Therefore, in line with all these economic and developmental variables, the company had to develop its website, to provide a variety of high-quality services to its shareholders, customers, consultives, suppliers, and dealers, including logistical services, business services and E-Commerce, throughout using the latest technology, in line with the Cabinet decision dated 3/7/2018 with the establishment of the E-Commerce Council chaired by His Excellency the Minister of Trade and Investment, whose system contains 28 articles to activate the elements of E-Commerce. This represents an important step from the company management adding up to the spectrum of services and products it provides, working vigorously to keep pace with the rapidly growing economic development taking place in our country, along with continued development of more services with global competitiveness.

This is affirming our full commitment to provide logistical services at the highest level, and the company’s management will seek to set new standards for the chain of services efficiency to reduce costs and rationalize spending, and provide services with high quality and efficiency, in order to achieve the vision of 2030, believing in the strength and sustainability of the foundations of our Saudi economy.

Therefore, updating and developing the company’s website was one of the most important signs of the requirements of the current period in line with its future plans, to make it an effective link and communication between the company and all its customers and as a vital requirement in its development plans.

Dr. Badr Osama Johar

Chief Executive Officer