The Arab Cement Company obtained the second rank in corporate governance practices in non-financial sector in the Kingdom, according to the Corporate Governance Index of the Corporate Governance Center of the College of Business Administration at Al-Faisal University, where the company was honored during the activities of the third corporate governance conference held by Al-Faisal University, and established the Corporate Governance Center at the College of Business Administration At Al-Faisal University.

The Saudi Corporate Governance Index for companies listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul). In its evaluation, the Governance Center relied on a scientific index that monitors the performance of corporate governance in joint-stock companies through four axes: the Board of Directors, shareholders ’rights, public disclosure and transparency, and the rights of stakeholders.

This report is considered the first of its kind as he undertook a field study to measure the extent of companies’ application of the principles of corporate governance issued by the Capital Market Authority, where during this year 186 companies were included as it includes all companies listed in the Saudi capital market (Tadawul) and includes all sectors including real estate funds And financial institutions.